Scotiabank AERO* Rewards are elite travel rewards you can earn with your Scotiabank AERO* credit cards. These are rewards with a difference.With flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel reward packages, the AERO* Rewards Program truly gives you the freedom to travel your way.

  • Fly anywhere, anytime, on any airline you wish
  • No blackout periods
  • No seat restrictions
  • Travel business class or coach, as you prefer.
  • Choose from an extensive list of travel rewards, including car rentals, hotel packages, and more.


Exciting news! Now Scotiabank Platinum AERO* Cardholders will now be able to fly to their favorite destinations, specifically Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Miami and New York, using only 20,000 ScotiaPoints. This is a 10,000 ScotiaPoint discount from our previous redemption amount - this makes the AERO Rewards Program the best travel rewards program in the Caribbean!

Also, Scotiabank Platinum AERO* Cardholders can request a travel expense credit on their statement by redeeming accumulated ScotiaPoints. Use your points towards ANY travel related purchase made on your Platinum AERO credit card, even after the purchase is made – with complete flexibility and ease.

Exciting travel rewards are just a phone call away

To redeem your ScotiaPoints for travel rewards, simply call us on the number at the back of your Scotiabank AERO Rewards credit card.